My journey with yoga began several years ago and I loved it from the very beginning. But somewhere along the road I lost it. I wasn’t a fan of going to the gym or attending fitness classes (just the thought would give me anxiety). It was on July  7th, 2015 when I stepped foot into my first actual in-person yoga class (not a DVD in my living room or a You Tube video, but an actual class!). And I was HOOKED! I’ll never forget that day because my life has forever been changed! I realized what I was missing when I stepped away for a few years. I began teaching Restorative Yoga classes in August of 2016. I am now continuing to expand my knowledge and personal practice towards more of a vinyasa flow, which is a moving meditation, breath with movement. I am also following my passion and love for Ashtanga Yoga, which is where my foundation began and has become my personal favorite style. I also continue to teach Restorative Yoga which is a relaxing and rejuvenating style of yoga.

Since I have completed my 200 hour training I continue to learn, practice and expand my journey in yoga, for myself and for others. I am currently in training for my 300 hour certification. I would love for you to join me for a class!